Reno Properties Group provides agency/landlord leasing in CT to maximize performance of the property and increase value.

As owners and managers of commercial property we understand enhancing asset value, maximizing cash flow and reducing property expenses. We are more than a brokerage firm, our fully integrated line of in-house commercial real estate services such as property management, construction management, project management and lease administration are additional value-added services we can provide to promote Agency/Landlord Leasing in CT. Furthermore, marketing is the key to a successful leasing program. We employ in house marketing specialists who’s marketing programs in collaboration with our brokers leasing strategies ensures your property reaches the right prospect with the right message.

Our brokers’ strategic marketing programs will ensure your property is promoted and positioned to gain maximum market exposure and tenant interest. You will benefit from our property analysis, market analysis and leasing negotiations to maximize your properties value and occupancy level. Additionally, our Agency/Landlord Leasing platform will keep you well informed and provide you accurate information on tenants in the market. Our services include the preparation of proposals and analysis of tenant offers and counter offers for you. Every project we undertake is done so with a focus of increasing asset value achieved through the enhancement of your properties tenant mix and increased cash flow